CASE STUDY: Drones Help Allstate Process Claims Faster

SUMMARY: Allstate Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., is finding that using UAS drones to survey rooftops on homes is as good, if not better, than traditional inspection methods and can actually help expedite the claims process and lead to increased cost savings. PROBLEM: Intense hailstorms from April to June severely damaged the roofs on over 20 homes covered by Allstate. The homes are located just outside of San Antonio, Texas. Initially, Allstate sent human inspectors who climbed up to roofs to take pictures of the damage the old-fashioned way. But the company decided that it would fly drones over some of the already-inspected roofs to take photos so it could compare the two methods SOLUTION: Using drones lets inspectors dedicate more time in the office analyzing the imagery as opposed to having to spending time driving to and visiting each home. UAS' will lead to a faster roof-inspection process, be safer for inspectors since they won’t have to climb onto the homes, and will ultimately save Allstate money.

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