CASE STUDY: Israeli Private Security Firm Uses Drone to Recover Stolen Vehicles

SUMMARY: UAV technology is an extremely useful and cost effective tool for private security firms to use when attempting to locate stolen vehicles. Drones provide vehicle recovery firms with the ability to conduct and aerial search of locations that are otherwise obstructed by ground obstacles such as walls, fences, or foliage. PROBLEM: Car thieves in Israel would often hide stolen vehicles on property with elements such as trees, fences or walls which would conceal a vehicle's location to recovery agents. This severely hampered the recovery of stolen vehicles. Further compounding the problem, Israeli aviation regulations prohibited private security firms from using drone technology. SOLUTION: Israel relaxed restrictions surrounding private firms using UAV's. Ituran, a company that provides tracking and security services for vehicles, is successfully using drones to locate stolen vehicles. UAV technology is allowing the company to recover stolen vehicles from places such as vast orchards and commercial properties.

“Drones constitute an additional force in the war on car theft,” said Oded Paz, Ituran’s head of Operational Systems.

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