Experts Peg Global Value of Drone Powered Solutions at USD $127.3 Billion

Drone powered solutions represent huge market potential

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) solutions represent astounding market potential for the commercial marketplace, according to recent report by business consultants PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC). The firm believes the global market potential for drone powered solutions to be USD $127.3 billion. PwC believes the infrastructure sector represents the largest opportunity at $45.2 billion. The fact that many companies in the infrastructure sector perform hazardous work and operate complex assets spread out over large distances (like power lines) make the category ripe for drones to provide new efficacy. For example, current power line inspections are performed by linemen in helicopters, a very expensive -- and dangerous -- feat. Further insight by PwC states that while many infrastructure companies will reap rewards from UAV's, the number of opportunities for investors is limited since many drone-related ventures are subsidiary of major players such as Boeing which makes direct investment in the drone business difficult.

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