CASE STUDY: UPS Tests UAV's For Mission Critical Delivery Items

UPS Tests UAV's for Deliveries

SUMMARY: The potential of drones represents a new, more efficient method for shipping an delivery companies to delivery essential, mission critical items such as medical supplies when time is of the essence. PROBLEM: Emergency medical supplies often need to reach critically ill patients as quickly as possible. However, even the quickest of modern delivery methods can still take a significant amount of time when factors like distance, terrain, street traffic, and road construction are factored into the equation. SOLUTION: United Parcel Service (UPS) has identified drones as a potential option for delivering critical items when lives are on the line. UPS has been testing the use of drones off the Massachusetts coast just north of Boston. While FAA line-of-sight restrictions limit the current capabilities for UAV's, initial tests seem to show promise toward making this endeavor a reality.

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