CASE STUDY: Drones Prove Effective for Mapping Large Construction Sites

Drones are an effective tool at large construction sites

SUMMARY: UAV's are an effective tool for mapping and managing large scale construction sites. Drone not only limit the amount of time it takes to map out a site, they also tend to reduce the amount of errors associated with the mapping mission. PROBLEM: Constructions firms have been forced to use antiquated methods for collecting data to map out work sites. Using humans, the entire mapping project typically takes more than a month. Often, the mapping result leads to unexpected errors and surprises which results in delays and additional costs, ultimately putting the construction project behind schedule.

SOLUTION: Dick Zhang, CEO of Identified Technologies, has identified drones as a game changer for construction firms. Using advanced drone technology developed under the moniker eeDaaS (end-to-end drone as a service), the company cuts the time it take to map a 100-acre construction site from 30 days down to about 9 minutes -- with fewer (if any) errors.

"We have found drones to be a total game changer for construction site mapping and analysis," said Zhang. "For the first time in history, managers are getting the accurate data they need to make fast informed decisions, that’s why our slogan is 'Know when others guess'”. However, the actual drone is just a small part of generating business value with the technology. Pre-flight planning, camera and sensor settings, post-flight analysis and quality control, in addition to reporting and analytics are all needed to make the captured data useful. Therein lies the key for those looking to provide a well-rounded solution to end users.

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