UAS Flies 264 Miles on a Single Battery Pack

UAS Flies 425 Kilometers on a single battery pack

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 New Zealand pilot Tim Vincent achieved the amazing goal of flying an unmanned aircraft system a total of 425 kilometers (264 miles) on a single battery pack. The flight of the Vigilant C1 aircraft made by RPFlightSystems, Inc. lasted 7 hours and 48 minutes and took place on a circular 2 km course of the UAS was located near a shoreline.

Vincent shaved as much weight off the aircraft frame as possible (even opting to lose the servos which controlled the wing flaps), and packed the UAS with just over 30,000 mAh in power via the 6S Lithium-Ion battery packs.

Vincent still believes that the goal of 500 km can be achieved with the right flight package and weather conditions.

RPFlightSystems, Inc. Vigilant C1 Unmanned Aircraft System

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