Small Entrepreneurs Are Leading the New Drone Economy

entrepreneurs are leading the new drone economy

The Federal Aviation Administration is predicting that FAA Part 107 will lead to 600,000 commercial drones becoming active in the U.S within the coming six months. This dwarfs the number of just over 260,000 manned aircraft presently registered with the FAA. So who will be flying all these aircraft?

TechCrunch says about 290,000 (about half) of the commercial drone registrations will come from sole proprietors and small businesses. Many will start out as consumers, catch "the drone bug," start doing favors for people with their drone, and eventually start their own drone enterprise.

For the first time in history, the FAA has created the opportunity (Part 107) for new entrepreneurs with minimal flight experience to legally play on equal footing with well-experienced commercial pilots. It is a level playing field.

The winners of this new face-off will not necessarily be the best pilots, but rather the best entrepreneurs -- the ones who excel at developing and scaling their business in a way that develops entrenched relationships with their clients.

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