CASE STUDY: Sheriff's Office Implements Unmanned Aircraft System Program

VIDEO: Click above to watch the YouTube video from the Umatilla County Sheriff's Dept.

SUMMARY: Unmanned aerial systems can serve as a valuable force multiplier toward initiating a search and rescue operation while ground teams are still in the staging phase. Crucial information can also be ascertained via the drone to help the ground teams conduct their search more effectively.

PROBLEM: When conducting a search of a substantial rural area, the Umatiila County, Oregon Sheriff's Office relies on a large cadre of volunteers who most abandon their current tasking and proceed to the search coordination area. The amount of time it takes to successfully stage, deploy, and coordinate a search for a person in trouble can be extremely time consuming.

SOLUTION: The Umatilla County Sheriff's Office recently launched a UAS program to serve as a force multiplier to quickly and effectively launch search efforts while the ground teams are still staging. The UAS can also provide essential information to the ground teams to assist them in the search effort. In addition, the UAS can be used for other public safety missions

such as law enforcement and wildfire mitigation.

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