US Air Force Downs ISIS Drone With Electronic Countermeasures

Battelle's DroneDefender is shoulder-fire anti-drone weapon in use in Iraq.

The U.S. Air Force is responding to the recent use of explosive-laden consumer attack drones by ISIS with electronic anti-drone weapons, according to Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James. The service targeted a small drone operated by militants after the threat was detected. James says there have been numerous examples of ISIS fighters converting consumer drones into explosive-laden flying bombs in both Iraq and Syria. The Air Force secretary claims the U.S. can easily implement electronic countermeasures to address the emerging threat.

“A top priority for me at the moment is this emerging danger that we’re seeing in the Middle East in respect to unmanned aerial systems — these cheap, buy-them-over-the-internet, small drones and if explosives are placed on them, as we’ve seen a handful of times now in Syria and Iraq, they can do damage,” James said. “It’s an example of something we have to attack quickly.”

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