CASE STUDY: Drones Help Revolutionize the Global Precision Agriculture Industry

Drones Help Revolutionize the Global Precision Agricultural Industry

SUMMARY: Unmanned aircraft systems are revolutionizing the way farmers and crop growers run their agricultural operations. Drones can quickly and accurately provide data and reporting to allow proactive decision making to help increase crop yields.

PROBLEM: Many farmers lack the ability to easily incorporate technological advancements into their agricultural operations. Instead of using best-of-breed scientific data to make decisions, they are forced to use their best guess based on year's of experiences coupled with generic industry projections. These farmers are often forced to react to changing facets of their operations, rather than proactively tacking action to avoid problems before they occur.

SOLUTION: Ruralco, an Australian farm services company, has teamed up with PrecisionHawk, a U.S.-based UAS and analytics provider to help farmers improve a wide range of crop and pasture management tactics. PrecisionHawk enables Ruralco customers to discover new, innovative ways to manage the agricultural operations using the analytics and reporting provided by the software platform.

“We have seen time and time again how, when coupled with the right remote sensing technology and data analytics, drones are increasing the efficiency and return on investment for farmers,” said Nathanial Hyde, PrecisionHawk's Australian managing director.

“Ag technology is a game changer for farmers. “There is a new generation entering the industry who see opportunity in innovation – and are thinking outside the box to deliver better efficiencies," stated Ruralco managing director, Travis Dillon.

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