Data Driven Professional Workflow Tools Essential for UAS Industry Success

Data driven tools are essential for success in the drone industry

The 2016 Commercial UAV Expo has just concluded in at the MGM Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Established and emerging unmanned aerial vehicle companies from around the globe descended for three days of product showcases and seminars highlighting the many grown opportunities in this rapidly emerging industry.

Highlighting the conference was the proliferation of direct geo-referencing workflows emerging by building UAV platforms that incorporate both payload sensors and inertial navigational systems (INS). Progress is starting to mimic the applications seen in manned aircraft.

This shift away from a predominant focus solely on aircraft design and payloads toward the software systems that support a client's final objectives bodes well for the maturation of the UAS industry which is still operating in its infancy. The ability for UAS to replace manned inspections on infrastructure assets like cell towers, bridges and buildings shows immense opportunity in the near term.

The end goal for each client should be to receive actionable information that can be used to make sound business decisions that provide increased value for their commercial enterprise. All indications are that the UAS industry is heading down the right track toward making this goal a reality.

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