Aerovel's Flexrotor Drone Goes Over Seas

Aerovel's Flexrotor created a drone designated to fly over water, without the fear of losing it at open seas.

Without the assistance of any infrastructure, the unmanned aerial system can operate from almost any vessel, since it can land and take off just like an helicopter.

"What they were intended for was to go out and spot tuna or anything that you needed to find in an austere environment where manned aircraft are no longer safe," says Matt Parker, vice president of Precision Integrated Programs, a company signed up to be the launch customer for Flexrotor.

Their main mission was to protect marine areas, and make sure there weren't illegal poachers and sharks finners in certain locations. But, Aerovel didn't stop on only finding tuna or protecting areas. The Flexrotor is capable to search for humans too.

Not only the Flexrotor has been used at open seas, it was also used to guide fleet of ships through ice in the Arctic. The drone can carry up to 4.5 kilogram payload, and can be accessorized with many sensors, infrared and multispectral cameras.

Parks said that the full-scale production of the drone will begin in 2017.

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