AeroVironment Quantix Drone Seeks to Provide Closed-Loop Data Solution.

AeroVironment Quantix Drone

AeroVironment Inc. provides different unmanned aircraft systems to sought innovative solutions for safety, infrastructure and energy. Their new Quantix drones will support farms and the agriculture to improve production and efficiency.

The technology is the combination of drones and cloud-based analysis of any field that needs to be examined.

“In many cases, farmers rely on themselves or their people to walk the fields, and if they’re managing large fields in excess of 100 acres or so, then it’s very difficult to walk the entire field in any given unit of time. So they have to rely on their deep experience and sampling," CEO, Steve Gitlin, said.

Quantix is equipped with multispectral camera, which can cover over 400 acres of field, and capture all images in high resolution. The data can be directly analyzed in a tablet, and for deeper information, the user can contact Decision Support System (DSS) for support.

The drone will be available in Spring 2017, and price is yet to be announced.

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