PwC Projects $32 Billion Drone Services Market for Agriculture

Agricultural drone services projected to be $32 billion market

It's not a secret that drones can be used for any market, but not everyone is aware that the first country to use unmanned aerial systems for agricultural purposes was Japan. Now that the FAA is streamlining regulations, agricultural efficiency will take a big step with the drone technology.

A recent report from PwC states that agricultural drones will be worth $32.4 billion. But, PwC isn't the only one expecting drone to revolutionize agriculture:

1. Bank of Maerica Merrill Lynch porjects agriculture to make up almost 80% of the commercial drone market in the future.

2. Godman Sachs predicts the agriculture sector to be the largest user of UAS.

3. Markets and Markets estimates growth of the agricultural drone market at a compounded average rate of 30%

The latest example of the fast-growing agricultural drones it AeroVironment Inc. with their new drone "Quantix," which makes easier to map fields and analyze date for farm operators.

Also, Raven Industries, a company specialized in navigation and radar systems, became the exclusive distributor partner for AgEagle's agricultural unmanned aerial systems.

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