DroneSAR and DJI Launch Innovative App for First Responder UAS SAR Operations

DroneSAR has launched an innovative app for First Responders

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Industry mammoth DJI has teamed up with Irish tech start-up DroneSAR to help revolutionize the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) search and rescue category. Live images and video from assorted cameras can be streamed to an incident command center to help coordinate an effective search.

The Drone SAR software can determine the coordinates of the victim and will automatically be transmitted via email or SMS to assist ground responders to reach people in danger more quickly and easily.

"As we started using UAS, we quickly realized what a valuable tool drones could be in searching for victims in distress," says Oisin McGrath, Co-Founder and CEO of DroneSAR. "What was missing was a software application to help make the searching easier and more productive."

The app will allowed the user to program flight paths, which will include hills, mountains, trees and flat lands. Also, other aerial variables, such as altitude, field of view and battery life can be included in the search pattern. All search patterns can be logged to help document the incident.

DroneSAR helps to ensure drones can be part of a rescue protocol, providing more safely and effectively operations.

"From understanding on how to use the technology, to communicating findings and data, to figuring out the most appropriate tactical approach, first responders can benefit greatly from this software app on our DJI hardware," said Romeo Durscher, Director of Education at DJI. "Many of the tasks and strategies deployed during a search and rescue operation can get sped up with automation, helping to reduce the time it takes to find a victim and save lives."

"Our aim is to save lives," said McGrath, who also serves as a helicopter pilot and instructor with the Irish Defense Forces. "Our software will reduce risk to search teams and reduce search time. If we can save just one life, that is mission success for us at DroneSAR."

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