PERSPECTIVE: Will Hobbyists Kill the Commercial Drone Industry?

Recreational drone use is expanding at a rapid pace

Quad-copters are very popular this time of the year. Hobbyist, private companies, entrepreneurs and even government entities are getting this UAS drones for different applications.

But, even though this can be rare, some users are abusing their drone privileges to trespassing and privacy.

A panel of UAS experts gathered in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Countins Inc. The goal of the discussion was to examine current regulations and guidelines of the usage of drones.

"Do we need to have more rules?" asked El Paso County District 5 Commissioner Peggy Littleton, who served as moderator of the discussion. "And, if so, what is that going to look like?"

So far, El Paso County has let the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handle almost all regulation of drones. The only rule that the county has put into place is a ban on launching unmanned aircraft systems in parks. Monday's panelists - Constantine Diehl of UAS Colorado, aviation consultant David Couch and Chaffee County's Director of Economic Development Wendell Pryor - each said FAA rules are enough, for now.

"At this point, the FAA is really the only agency that is writing laws or guidelines for enforcement of the use of these drones," said El Paso County Undersheriff Joe Breister.

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