Protecting POTUS with the SkyWall100 Counter-Drone System

SkyWall100 Counter-Drone System

The SkyWall100 has a single purpose: taking down small drones. It operated like a powerful, high-tech Nerf gun that fire a projectile loaded with a net that releases as it approaches to its target.

The system is developed by UK firm OpenWorks Engineering and marketed as a non-military anti-drone technology to counter civil threats.

The projector and net can capture any small drones with dimensions up to 4ft. wide. Once the net is released, the user will be in constantly update on wether the net approached and lock the target. Once it locks the drone, it will beep and flash a green light, indicating that it's ready to launch.

When the trigger is pulled, a compressed gas is released, the data is stored on the projectile control and the mechanisms holding the projectile are released.

The projectile comes in four forms: with a net alone, with a net and parachute, with a net and electronic counter-measures, and as a training projectile.

In case the drone targeted is over a crowd, a more advanced projectile, the SP40, carries a parachute to control the landing.

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