Singapore Air Force Testing Aerostat to Enhance Maritime Aerial Surveillance

TCOM Aerostat undergoes testing in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) started testing an aerostat to enhance their aerial and maritime surveillance. The UAS is a tethered balloon with 24/7 low-level radar that monitors threats over Singapore.

Singapore Defence Ministry explained the system will assist SAF's surveillance tools to safeguard the country's peace an security.

"Well, all of us recognise that Singapore is a very small island, and that alone makes us vulnerable to threats, either from the air or sea," Singapore Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, said. "And for small city states like Singapore, the need to put up defences must depend on layers of defence, we've procured this aerostat, and it adds another layer of defence and confidence in terms of what we are able to detect, in terms of aerial and maritime threats.

First tests were conducted in the manufacturer's facility in the U.S. and further test will take place in the Asian country.

The 55m-long balloon will be secured to its ground mooring station with high-strength winch lines and a Kevlar tether built to withstand strong winds and lightning strikes, the statement said.

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