AirMap and DigiCert Plan to Bring Trusted Drone Verification to America's Skies

AirMap and DigiCert hope to make the skies safer for drones

A new service intended to make America's skies safer for drones is in the works. Unique drone identifiers based on SSL/TLS certificates from DigiCart will be issued via drone flight information provider AirMap. The first wave of certificates will be available to operators of Intel's Aero drone platform.

The intent is to bring trust and verification to the unmanned aircraft systems operating in the U.S. air traffic control system.

"We’re hoping that this can be used outside of just our services and help the industry raise the bar with respect to security," said Jared Ablon, chief information security officer with AirMap.

Alblon says the new identifiers could be integrated into a transponder system on a drone -- similar to those used by commercial and military aircraft -- to provide increased levels of flight security.

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