How Police Are Embracing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Around the World

Police around the world are innovating with drones's Jason Reagan recently highlighted "3 Ways Police Are Using Drones Around the World" and we we wanted to take you on a brief trip around the world of police drones.


As Airborne Response reported previously, West Midlands Police have initiated a pilot program to monitor the "hooligan" crowds attending football (soccer) matches in an attempt to mitigate game-day violence.


Minister of Parliament Scott Stewart of Townsville is requesting that state police in Queensland to replace helicopters with drones to save money and improve response times. New South Wales police have already undertaken such a task and recently announced a plan to fund 100 drones to help fight crime.


Florida police will soon be getting trained on how to operate drones safety thanks to a new partnership between the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) and the Fraternal Order of Police.

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