DRONE VOLT Promises Expanded Range with New DV WING Unmanned System

DV WING by DRONE VOLT offers new capabilties

DV Wing, the new precision agriculture and construction work, was introduced by Drone Volt.

“DV WING” is a fixed-wing unit equipped with an 18.2 MP sensor and uses algorithms enabling it to obtain aerial imagery and accurate data for missions such as photogrammetry, map analysis for farming areas and forests,and measurements for road construction.

The data is collected to better understanding of the farming areas, measurements, roads constructions and pesticide use.

The drone can be launch by hand, since the UAS is very compact, and only weights 940 grammes. Its battery can last for 85 minutes, and the onboard sensor captures high-resolution images.

Technical specifications: - Weight: 940grams - Speed: 50 km/h - Flight time: around 85 minutes - Size: 90cm wingspan - Equipped with an 18.2 MPhigh resolution camera

- Stabilisation system - Radio range between 2 and 3 km

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