Land Mine Defeating Drone Created by Afghan Brothers

Defeating land mines with drones

In 1980s, Afghan rebels fought Soviet Forces, and one of the many consequences of battles was the never found land mines.

Two brothers, Mahmud and Massaud Hassani saw firsthand the damage land mines did to anyone unlucky enough to stumble across them. So, they decided to create a prototype drone that will detect and destroy the explosive devices. Their invention was featured Wednesday in the NT100, a list by Britain-based charity Nominet Trust of innovations that use technology to tackle major world problems.

"For us it was normal. For us it was a playground with land mines," Mahmud Hassani said, recalling the patch of land near his childhood home where he and others would play.

Mine Kafon Drone is specialized to map detect and destroy drones. Its main feature is a metal detector that will localized mines in different areas.

According to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, 10 million land mines have been planted in Afghanistan on 2015. Make this number smaller is the main goal of the Hassani brothers.

Hassani explains that their drone is 120 time cheaper and 20 times faster than traditional mine-clearing techniques, including no risks for humans.


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