UNICEF Launches Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor in Africa

New drone testing range in Africa

Unmanned aircraft systems are not only helping law enforcements officials and farmers with their lands, but also, drones are aiming and can be used for humanitarian purposes.

UNICEF and Malawi's government will establish a flight corridor to capture images during emergencies, to deliver medical supplies and deliver wireless connectivity.

"We know that some drone companies are potentially conducting one-off humanitarian use tests," the UN program's Harriet Dwyer wrote in an email, but "this is the only public [humanitarian drone] corridor we know of."

The drone is expected to fly by April and remain in the African country for one or two years.

REFERENCE: https://news.fastcompany.com/the-worlds-first-humanitarian-drone-testing-corridor-will-demo-the-helpful-side-of-drone-delivery-4027324

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