Are Virtual Geo Fences the Answer to Increased Drone Security?

Virtual Geo Fences for Drone Security

Everyone is exciting about drones, but safety concerns are rising as well.

Drones give people a new perspective, and also are a huge market in the world, but some drone-makers believe that it's time to limit their capabilities.

“We have certain restriction areas that’s built into the drone already, so you physically cannot go in there,” DJI marketing director Willis Chung said.

For this reason, DJI created a flight control app that builds virtual fences around locations that UAS can't go, such as, airports and nuclear facilities. The app detects the drone using GPS and prevent the system to cross the invisible barriers.

DJI's drone operator explained that once you hit the "fence" the drone will only go back and down.

The app will update in real-time, so it can quickly create the virtual wall around wildfires or high-profile political and sporting events.

"What we see with new features like geofencing is that it creates a strong balance between a safe flying environment as well as an environment that continues to foster innovations," Shawn DuBravac of the Consumer Technology Association said.

But, DJI does allow customers to unlock restricted areas. The GEO system is determined to be a tool to make a smarter decision on where to fly.

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