VIDEO: The GRIFF 300 Monster Drone That Carries a Quarter-Ton Payload

A mammoth beast that can carry a 500-lb payload for up to 45 minutes? 2017 has certainly arrived with power. The GRIFF 300 (the 300 represents the gross lifting weight in kilograms) is the first of the expected range of UAS heavy lifting megadrones designed to transport huge loads by GRIFF Aviation, a Norwegian UAS company. The GRIFF Aviation website says a model 125 and model 800 are also in the development stages. The GRIFF 800 UAS would presumably be capable of lifting a mind-bending 1,700 lbs.

Many point to the GRIFF-line as the first true rival to helicopters for carrying capacity. They may eventually dare to fly to location too dangerous for today's helicopters.

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