Top Commercial Drone Events of 2017

Commercial and civil drones are booming, more products are in the market and the uses are infinite. Under this dynamic scenario, how can you keep up on the latest news, companies and unmanned aircrafts?

Attending one (or more) of the many drones events around the world is a great way to learn about the UAS industry, see the latest drone technology, and network with key contacts within the industry.

The following list contains various shows that Airborne Response recommends in 2017. They are broken into two categories as follows:

- Exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and similar events taking place in 2017, of international or national relevance, focused on commercial and civil applications of drone's technologies.

- Other B2B events dedicated to emerging technologies, with a prominent focus on drones.



FEBRUARY (events not confirmed yet)

- Drone Fair Vancouver - Burnaby, Canada (not confirmed yet in 2017)



APRIL (events not confirmed yet)

- FAA UAS Symposium - Daytona Beach, USA.

- European UAV Traffic Management (UTM) - Day Geneva, Switzerland.


MAY (events not confirmed yet)

- DroneConvention - Genk, Belgium.

- Unmanned Solutions Forum (USF) - Bucharest, Romania.

- Roma Drone Expo & Show - Roma, Italy.

- Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference - Enschede, Netherlands.

- UNVEX - Madrid, Spain.


JUNE (events not confirmed yet)

- Nordic UAS Event - Odense, Denmark.

- Drones, Data X Conference – USA San Francisco, USA.

- Unmanned Global Systems - Paris, France.

- Drone Fair Calgary - Calgary, Canada.

- Kappa Drone Festival - Torino, Italy.

- USI Conference – Washington Washington, USA.



AUGUST (events not confirmed yet)

- The Commercial UAV Show - Africa Johannesburg, South Africa.


SEPTEMBER (events not confirmed yet)

- Drone Experience - Nantes, France.

- MexDrone International - Teotihuacán, Mexico.

- UASympEx - Hamburg, Germany.

- ExpoDrónica - Zaragoza, Spain.

- Drones Middle East Conference - Abu Dhabi, UAE.

- Dronemasters Logistics – IAA Commercial Vehicles Hannover, Germany.

- LleidaDrone Professional & Amateur Conferences - Lleida, Spain.

- DronItaly - Modena, Italy.

- DronEast - Constanta, Romania.


OCTOBER (events not confirmed yet)

- RAeS Annual Conference - London, UK.

- USI Conference – San Francisco San Francisco, USA.

- DroneTech - Torun, Poland.

- UAV Show - Bordeaux, France.

- Over Head - Prague, Czech Republic.

- The Drone Educators Conference - San Bruno, USA.


NOVEMBER (events not confirmed yet):

- Unmanned Canada - Edmonton, Canada.

- Drones, Data X Conference – Ireland Dublin, Ireland.

- Expo Drone Mexico - Cuauhtémoc, Mexico.

- Arizona UAS Conference - Scottsdale, USA.

- UTM Convention - Syracuse, USA.

- Spaceport America Drone Summit Truth or Consequences, USA.

- Catalonia Smart Drone Event - Barcelona, Spain.

- China Commercial UAV Congress - Shanghai, China.

- DroneCon - Johannesburg, South Africa.

- Drone Fair - Ontario Oshawa, Canada.

- EASA High Level Conference - Warsaw, Poland.

DECEMBER (events not confirmed yet):

  • UAV World Conference Virtual.

  • UK Drone Show - Birmingham, UK.

  • RPAS CIV OPS - Brussels, Belgium.

  • Commercial UAVs - Brisbane, Australia.

  • International UAV Show - Toronto, Canada.

  • National Drone Show - Washington, D.C., USA.

  • International Drone Expo (IDE) - Los Angeles, USA.

  • UAS TAAC Conference - Santa Fe, USA.

  • Countering Drones - London, UK.

  • RoboUniverse - San Diego, USA.

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