Airborne Response Drones Will Help Revolutionize Emergency Medical Care

EMS drone may save your life

The viability of emergency medical services (EMS) and care from the air is on the verge of taking a giant leap forward thanks to the research of several companies and academic institutions in the U.S. and around the world. As NBC News reported, EMS response, medical, medivac, and disposable delivery drones are all in various research and development phases. As these types of unmanned aircraft systems come online, the nature of emergency medicine may change.

"There is no doubt that technology advancements surrounding the capabilities of drone and unmanned aircraft systems are going to dramatically impact the field of emergency medicine," says Christopher Todd, a former technology analyst and current CEO of Airborne Response, a Miami-based UAS services firm.

"These aircraft are going to be a serious game changer toward providing critical care to people in need," Todd says. "Every minute of 'the golden hour' is crucial toward saving a life, and drones will help cut down the time it takes for care to arrive on scene."

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