Alphabet/Google Embraces Balloons as Project Titan Take a Backseat

Google is embracing balloons in the UAS space

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has shut down it's much-hyped Project Titan business unit focused on the delivery of internet services via drones. Instead the company will focus its efforts on balloon-based Project Loon to deliver the Internet to remote locations around the world.

"The economics and technical feasibility of Project Loon present a much more promising way to connect rural and remote parts of the world,” Alphabet said in a statement. John Ciampa, CEO of Miami-based SmartBalloon manufacturer Altametry says its easy to understand why Alphabet shifted their focus to balloons. "Drones typically require much greater power than balloons to stay aloft," says Ciampa. "This represents significant challenges unless you are tethered to a ground source for energy. While balloons filled with lift gas can stay aloft for days, weeks, or perhaps months; the primary challenge they face is the weight of the payload they can effectively carry."

Google acquired TItan Aerospace in 2014. Most of the team has now been reassigned to other projects.

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