Despite Setbacks, UAS Industry is Positioned for Tremendous Growth

2016 a great year for Identified Technologies

The consumer drone industry has been hit with a recent wave of tough luck with drone manufactures like 3D Robotics, Parrot, and Lily all either pivoting their business model, laying off staff, or shutting down operations.

But fear not; every new industry has to trim some fat before streamline itself for the next wave of growth and innovation. This is all a necessary evil for the UAS industry to become stronger over the long term.

One area that is continuing to emerge with exceptional potential is the commercial UAS solutions area. Savvy players are recognizing that the key to success lies in the overarching value a vendor can provide to a business client.

Pittsburgh based Identified Technologies is an example of a UAS solution provider who is experiencing tremendous growth within the current marketplace. The company which provides a fully managed commercial drone solution to the industrial sector (including construction, energy, and mining companies) claims to have grown revenues by 900%, added 325% more customers, and increased headcount by 150% in 2016.

“Scaling SaaS companies is a unique challenge," said Ned Renzi, Partner at Birchmere Ventures, and member of Identified Technologies board of directors. The company has brought aboard a stream of new talent in recent months to help manage the firm's growth.

With 2017 just out of the starting gate, drone services will become an increasingly complex landscape over the coming months.

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