Firefighters Continue to Embrace Drones as Latest Tool to Help Save Lives

Drones are helping firefighters save lives

Locating and rescuing people from fires is not an easy task. Pillars smoke will hide objectives and blurry vision for firefighters. Also, high concentrations of carbon dioxide make it hard for victims to survive long enough to be rescued.

To reduce tragedies resulting from a fire, firefighters in the Greater Manchester area of the U.K. launched a drone equipped with an infra-red camera during a massive fire in the city center. Thanks to the help of the UAS, firefighter were able to search humans or animals trapped in flames, visualize the fire source and analyze affected areas.

Firefighter in Greater Manchester aren't the first ones to have used drones for search and rescue purposes. Companies like FLIR Systems and Worswell have been offering imaging solutions to different specialist like power engineers and more.

However, there is something other than fire that firefighters are concerned: civilian drones. Looking for a "great shot" to be shared on social medias, civilian drones get in the way of firefighter's unmanned vehicles and airplanes. In one such case, during the lake fire in the San Bernardino Mountains, in California, an offending drone endangered firefighting planes by flying dangerously close to them. The planes were forced to land, which led to thousands of acres of forest being destroyed by the flames.

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