CASE STUDY: Using UAS for Railroad Station Inspections

Drones for Railroad Station Inspections

SUMMARY: Data provided by aerial images can present new information, in order to detect flaws along railroads, cell towers and even boats. The purposes a drone can provide are increasing every day, and ,at the same time, decreasing accidents and saving people.

PROBLEM: Rail inspections have taken place since 1882. Examining rail tracks for flaws that could lead to catastrophic failures are an important practice that needs to be done continuously. Railroad inspections can take weeks of analysis and repairs, and submitting a personnel to this can be dangerous. The Rugby Rail Station at Warwickshire, England have detected in the past years broken and damaged rails, as well as corrosion.

SOLUTION: Drones are the best solution for analysis and inspections of infrastructure. Cyberhawk, working with Network Rail Air Operation, completed the inspection at Rugby rail station in Warwickshire, England in two days. The team used a combination of specially adapted drones to capture close images of the inside and outside of the station’s roof and supporting structure.

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