Progress Update on Integrating UAS Into Air Traffic Control System

Progress on updating UAS into ATC

Civilian drones are making the skies more congested than ever before, and with it, the increase of incidents involving drone have developed in several countries. The UK Airprox Board, which monitors safety issues in British airspace, identified 56 air proximity incidents involving drones since last year.

Meanwhile in the U.S, 583 drones incidents have take place between August 2015 and January 2017. Most of them were minor incidents, but others have been in airport airspace.

“Even if you don’t have a collision, the fact that you have a distraction at a critical point, that’s dangerous,” British Airline Pilots Association safety officer Steve Landells told the Guardian in November, emphasising the particular threat of drone incidents during take-off and landing operations.

New innovations to help decrease the threats of rogue drone around airports are been created by technology companies. French firms Egis and Airborne Concept have partnered on a prototype project to help visualise drone incursions on ATC screens, which struggle to identify and track small objects.

Egis and Airborne Concept demonstrated their technology to the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) in September, and aim to commercialise the concept this year.

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