VIDEOS: 5 Drone Interception Methods You Should Be Aware Of

(SkyWall above)

Just like the unmanned aircraft systems industry is growing exponentially, the anti-drone business is fast-developing too. It's all because some UAVs are creating major threats to local communities, and private and public businesses.

Un 2015, the Secret Service in the White House reported two incidents with drone flying over the restricted airspace. Also, in Japan, an antinuclear activist was accused of using drones to deliver radioactive sand to Primer Minister Shinzo Abe's office.

The fast-developong UAVs business is increasing the need of anti-drone solutions. Here is a list of five drone catching devices:

1. SkyWall: SkyWall is a shoulder mounted compressed air launcher. It is also highly mobile and cost effective against the UAV threats. The operator of the SkyWall targets the UAVs and fires shells containing nets.

2. Anti-Drone Birds: Using birds to disable drones are the latest series of attempts to tackle unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Drones are pretty much the size of a bird so the bird considers the drone as its prey. After snatching the drone from the sky, the bird takes the drone to a safe place away from people.

3. DroneDefender: Better known as Battelle DroneDefenders, they counter drones using disruptive radio waves. Anti-drone guns are harmless to any devices that aren’t drones. The state-of-art design makes them disable the drones in a secure and supervised manner.

4. Dedrone: Drone detectors are simple devices which recognize any kind of electronic drone using real-time alerts and digital data collection. Since in the recent times the wide variety of industries and environments are prone to drones; detection systems help fight the drone threats.

5. AUDS: AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System) is a counter drone system which disrupts and neutralizes UAV, UAS, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Especially, the AUDS works best in identifying hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activities.

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