CASE STUDY: Texas A&M AgriLife UAS Precision Agriculture Program

Texas A&M's AgriLife Precision Agriculture Program

SUMMARY: Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists conducted a program that uses fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft on row crop and rangeland spanning from Weslaco, Beaumont, Corpus Christi and College Station to Amarillo. The research focus on flight operations, data analysis, management and dissemination, as well as plant phenotyping, precision agriculture and animal and pasture.

PROBLEM: Ground measurements and diagnostics are not 100% accurate, and to obtain a correct diagnostic of the status and health of a crop field, a detailed report needs to be created. Also, the data of the field needs to be incorporated in the program daily, and a ground survey takes time.

SOLUTION: The incorporation of UAV systems provides the health of the field quickly and at low cost. Fixed-winged aircraft fly higher, longer and faster, and provides detailed and high-quiality images in hours.


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