AES Corp Commits to Drone Services Program with Measure

Energy Giant AES Corp will Begin Using Drones

AES Corp. is using drone with an eye toward shielding workers from industry hazards. Instead of buying a unmanned aerial system, they have engaged a drone service provider, Measure, to get to a more extensive fleet.

According to its Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Chris Shelton, “we find that using drones, we can reduce the number of hazardous hours that it takes to do certain types of maintenance. And we can also enhance the efficiency of the business.”

By using drones, AES employees can inspect a tower or transmission line and gather a high resolution data about what is happening on the site. It also uses drone for inspections of solar panels.

Last year, AES ranked among America’s biggest water and air polluters, according to two separate studies by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, and a Center for Public Integrity investigation, respectively.

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