Commercial Drone Pilot Training is Taking Off Quickly to Fill Expected Job Demand

Commercial Drone Pilot Jobs Are Increasing in Demand

On 2016, the FAA released a set of rules for drones that weight under 55 pounds. The rule explains that the pilot must keep the drone in sight at all times, don't exceed 100 miles per hour, and can only be use during daylight hours.

Even though there are a lot of rules to fly a drone, the requirements to get a drone license are relatively simple. The pilot needs to be at least 16 years old, pass a written test, and he is ready to go.

From their origins in the military, drones are now appearing in many different industries, including real estate, filmmaking, and advertising. Companies such as Amazon and Google are testing ways to deliver packages via drone in the future.

Many schools around the U.S.A. are offering classes to train students how to fly a drone. The Phoenix-based Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) is one school that focuses on training drone pilots. UVU offers graduate degrees in unmanned systems engineering as well as hands-on pilot training courses.

Tuition and certification cost between $3,500 and $4,000, and the user don't need a college degree or any experience with unmanned vehicles.

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