North Carolina DOT Looks to UAS for Disaster Relief Missions

NCDOT is ready to embrace drones

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is exploring how to best implement unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into future disaster-relief efforts.

“Our goal is to ensure that drones flying within North Carolina are flown safely and responsibly,” says Bobby Walston, director of the aviation division. “A better understanding of drone capabilities and evolving regulations will give emergency-management professionals tools to safely use this technology during disasters and routine operations.”

One of the biggest concern is that drones can sometime interfere with emergency-management operations without proper operation.

The workshop was organized by the NCDOT division of aviation and North Carolina State University’s Next Generation Air Transportation Consortium, which is within the school’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education.

As in today, North Caroline has more than 150,000 drones registered.

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